Hoagie Sale

This year marks the 25th Silver Anniversary of Washington Township’s Super Bowl Hoagie Sale. The Washington Township Education Foundation is proud to host this year’s event. This amazing community service project has been recognized nationally as one of the country’s most meaningful service projects for building character among our youth, uniting a community behind a common cause, and for its longstanding tradition.

More than two decades ago, a simple idea from a small group of students, who were given a task to develop a series of meaningful community service projects, conceived the hoagie sale concept. Now, thousands of hoagies and student and adult volunteers later, we have raised more than $650,000, supported hundreds of families, both financially and spiritually, and have created a community event that transcends character, caring and civic-mindedness throughout our town.

The far-reaching nature of this service project cannot happen without your support. Your one hoagie order helps provide a service opportunity for hundreds of students on Super Bowl Sunday. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Unfortunately, once again we have a number of families who are facing serious medical situations. Among our recipients this year, we have several young fathers with young children and life-threatening conditions. Your one hoagie order, while not eliminating all of the financial concerns for the families, helps offset some costs not covered by insurance and/or helps provide continuing insurance coverage. More importantly, the community support gives renewed hope and spirit to the families involved. Likewise, our students and residents are enriched by their involvement. Simply stated, it helps makes Washington Township a special place.

You can order online here, or download an order form below.

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